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We categorized every aspect of the phone and gave a star rating based on general price/ performance of the phone. Both of these models are fast and certainly gives you a bang for your bucks.

Like the base model, the Poco X3 Pro isn’t exactly dainty. With dimensions of 165.3 x 76.8 x 9.4 millimeters, it is even larger than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and, at 215 grams, similarly heavy despite the plastic back. Visually, the Poco X3 Pro is very similar to the base model. The front also features a 6.67-inch LCD panel with a small hole for the front camera in the middle at the top edge. Speaking of affordability, Poco X3 Pro is a very good option with its current price. Some of the downsides of this phone include its average camera quality and lack of 5G support. But in short, it can be a very good choice for many people.

It will use both fastboot and the stock recovery to flash a stock rom, wiping the data partition. In some cases the device might not be unbricked with this tool, for example if it is hard-bricked.

  • However, pictures taken with the wide-angle camera visibly lack sharpness at the edges of the image.
  • The body is rated IP53 and Poco refers to this as “splash-proof”, and it’s always welcome.
  • Finally, as you’d expect, black levels certainly aren’t as good as on an OLED display, but unless you watch a lot of video content on your phone, this really shouldn’t bother you.
  • The 5,120mAh battery lasts an entire day and then some more.
  • At the time of writing, you can find the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro on newegg in both storage configurations.

Users attach great importance to the screen in order to have a better visual experience while consuming content and playing games. Having a good screen both contributes to a long battery life and allows you to have a good visual experience. The Redmi Note 10 Pro Max follows a slightly more conventional design trend but Redmi has managed to stock ROM (firmware) make the Note 10 Pro Max look stylish and classy.

poco x3 and poco x3 pro difference

Unless you play GPU-intensive games or really need a 5G device, I think the Poco X3 NFC is a smarter choice than the $400-ish Poco F2 Pro. Both phones offer amazing value, but the X3 NFC strikes a better balance for less money. Even if Xiaomi improves the F2 Pro’s shooters with a software update in the future, it can’t easily upgrade the hardware to support US 5G — short of releasing a new version, anyway. Although the Snapdragon 860 is based on technology that is almost two years old, which is almost as old as the Bible by smartphone standards, it performs very well in the benchmarks. The Poco X3 Pro is currently one of the fastest mid-range smartphones and can clearly beat the Poco X3 NFC that is equipped with the Snapdragon 732G. Overall, the Poco X3 Pro even comes quite close to the Poco F3, which is powered by the Snapdragon 870.

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